Hello Students,

We’ve released a hotfix for Alpha 27 to address a few things that weren’t quite ready for Monday. Check out the details below:


  • “Welcome, Citizen,” the tutorial quest when you leave Joel and Liana, is no longer a prerequisite for some other quests in the game. This way, players can get to the educational content and quests as soon as they enter the student district, as opposed to being forced into finishing the first quest. But we still recommend it!
  • Added more of the following species to biodomes so that they can be researched for HELO biodomes easier (thanks to Niyo for reporting):
    • Clouded Leopard Cub
    • Rattlesnake Hatchling
    • Caribou Calf
    • Caribou Moss
  • You will notice many NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in the game have updated body styles, using the new looks from our previous update!
  • You’ll now find characters walking towards the Transit Center in Espeth Park after completing “Welcome, Citizen” so it is easier to figure out where to go next to advance the quest.


  • Fixed issue in which character nameplates were spawning in the middle of their bodies.  It looked pretty amusing, but you probably would rather be able to read names.
  • Fixed issue in which players could inadvertently skip a step in “Welcome, Citizen” by not correctly hitting the trigger for the next part of the quest when zoning into a new area as they traveled. This will now be much cleaner, giving quest credit as soon as you zone into a new location.
  • Map icons will no longer fail to update if a character has spawned into an area within the quest’s radius.

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