Growth & Genetics Module

Tyto Online’s Growth & Genetics module addresses the NGSS topic arrangement for Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits. Examine genetic mysteries and solve problems using genetic knowledge!

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Growth & Genetics Module

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Sandbox: Drakon Breeding

Students help increase a species' biodiversity through breeding.

The drakon population has been suffering and needs revival.

Tyto Academy students therefore help breed more biodiversity into the drakons genetic pool. After breeding, they are released into the wild to improve their survival rates.

Over 10,000,000,000,000,000 possible phenotypes

Especially with variable expressivity, the possibilities are nearly endless!

The drakons have many, complex genotypes and phenotypes. We start with simple dominant and recessive alleles, then as they level up unlocks so much more: mutations, environmentally impacted genes, polygenetic inheritance, incomplete and co-dominance, and more!

Experiment with species reproduction

Drakons have asexual and sexual capabilities; track with a pedigree system.

Drakons can reproduce sexually or asexually so that students can experiment and understand the outcomes of the different types of reproduction. A pedigree system helps students keep track of reproduction lines over time.

Suggested activities teachers can use

Use our set of suggested activities to help ensure students achieve learning outcomes.

Start with simple activities like the one at right, "Create This Drakon," where players will be asked to create a drakon (one of the required genotypes of recessive) based on breeding from their collection. This then builds up to explore types of reproduction, creating identical drakons, setting their own breeding goals, and an activity to explore probability.

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