Added: Emote Buttons! 🙌

We haven’t been able to add chat back since the HTML5 release, BUT we decided to go ahead and release the large library and emotes our art team has been building up! So starting now, click the “emote” button on the bottom left and you can type to search or skim through them all and select emotes to play in the game, letting you communicate visually with other players.

Content Update

We’ve got some shiny new (well, refurbished) quests this update! Here are the new and improved quests we’ve added, as well as the name(s) of the quest(s) they’re replacing.

  • The Chromatic Chromosome (sex-linked genes; replacing ‘the Y Factor’)
  • Ring Around the Creosote (asexual reproduction in plants; replacing ‘Helping Hands and Scans’)
  • Pollinator Caterers (obligate mutualism between species; replacing ‘Fly Free to Joshua Tree’)
  • The Consternated Gardener (dominance/recessiveness + variable expressivity)
  • Out of the Blue (mutations)
  • Hot Spots (co-dominance; these three quests replace ‘Timpita Tints,’ ‘Pink on Yellow,’ ‘Pink on Yellow Can Vex a Fellow,’ and ‘A Bolt from the Blue’)

We’ve also made updates to our Drakonarium’s gene unlocking requirements to reflect these changes. Remember: each drakon gene becomes available for students after they finish a quest related to that gene’s inheritance concept (dominance/recessiveness, variable expressivity, etc.). If you are a teacher, you can access a Cheat Sheet with your Sandbox Activities letting you know what quests to assign to unlock that gene.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We fixed the issue where sound setting wasn’t saving between map travel and sessions. No more need to mute the tab – now you can always enjoy the relaxing ambient music and interesting sounds in Tyto with proper volume!
  • Tabbing in Tyto will no longer select the link text and make it impossible to move until you’ve managed to select back in the game.
  • We improved how the dashboard and the game communicates about assignments, and now the creating, changing or deleting of assignments are more reliable!
  • We added a pet vendor since students often ask how to buy pets. Now you can! Erika in the Marketplace will happily sell you one of her fine animal companions.
  • If you reset a quest where you did not have the pre-requisites done, you will not lose access to be able to continue replaying that quest.
  • As always, there are additional bug fixes and interface improvements, to keep improving your experience with Tyto!

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