Tyto Online for schools.

Tyto Online fuses play and inquiry-based learning into game modules that teach middle school STEM concepts. Our content covers ecology, heredity, and natural selection (in progress), built for Next Generation Science Standards.

Tyto Online’s Modules are made up of:

Quests where students solve problems.

Quests present a problem for your students to solve, and are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. Students collect data to form arguments, implement solutions, take DNA samples, build food webs, and more.

Sandboxes where students create and experiment.

Sandboxes present an opportunity for students to further dig into the content with simulation-based gameplay. This isn’t just about applying learning, but is in itself learning as students must master the simulation to progress in the Sandbox, and represents a perfect shared discussion point in the classroom.

Teacher Tools give educators flexibility and control in the classroom!

Explore & Assign

View Modules and see all quests available by standard, assigned/completed status, and more. Assign a quest to your class or individual students immediately or in the future with just a few clicks.

Track Progress

Stay on top of class and individual student progress, ensuring student mastery, by seeing which quests have been completed, sorting by standard, and more.

Manage Classes

Easily add and manage students with auto-populating easy-to-remember user names and passwords.

Single sign on services will be added on request.

Our vision.

We’ve built Tyto Online for expansion, and will keep adding modules to grow its reach. For the 2018-2019 school year, we are building out an entire set of Life Science Modules (adding natural selection / evolution and cells next). After that, we’ll keep scaling and adding more to the game, based on the feedback of our teachers and what they want next!

Our audacious, long-term goal is to have one single game that students can join as young as 8 years old and play for the next decade, learning across all subjects.


Supported Systems

Pricing is all-inclusive, with all content included, even new Modules as they are added.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we are offering 50% off ($10/student $5/student) and in-person visits from our game developers for our inaugural school year through the Innovator Program.

We currently support Windows and Mac operating systems. For the 2018-2019 school year, we are working on adding Chromebook compatibility.

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Start Your Trial Now

Get started with a teacher account with unlimited students for a one month free trial.

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