To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’ve compiled a few sustainability-focused activities you can do with Tyto Online!


Bring a Planet to Life
in our Weather & Climate Sandbox

In the ORB, students generate their own, lifeless planet and bring it to life by editing tilt, rotation, and air masses. After stabilizing their planet, they can add humans–making sure to keep a watchful eye on their human settlements’ energy usage! Without proper management, the planet could suffer from drastic climate change effects! This activity can easily last all week, and is suitable for in-class, online, or hybrid classrooms. Log into your teacher account to review, see supplemental activities, and assign it to your students.




Solve a Problem with Microplastics

Ronan the seal has lost her appetite and seems to be in pain. Students lead an investigation to understand what’s made poor Ronan so sick! They begin by looking at ultrasounds of Ronan and of the creatures she eats, collecting samples, and even examining her vomit after giving her an emetic! Students learn about bioamplification as they figure out that microplastics are causing major problems in the food chain, and evaluate solutions to fix the root cause. View the storyline and access the teacher guide from your Teacher Dashboard.



Investigate Climate Change

through Coral Bleaching

Another ocean-themed questline deals with coral bleaching and its main causes. Students find several factors that correlate with rising ocean temperatures on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries, but must experiment to understand which correlations are causative and which aren’t! The storyline culminates with an investigation on the greenhouse effect, including a practical demonstration. View the storyline and access the teacher guide from your Teacher Dashboard.


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