Spring 2020 Update

Hello, everyone! We keep our large updates between semesters, but we have some great improvements ready and since most people are learning from home — and we have a LOT more people signing up right now — we wanted to go ahead and get these live! So, welcome to our mid-semester Spring update! Here’s what’s

Winter 2019 Update

We are now live with our scheduled Winter 2019 update.  Keep in mind this means you will need to download an update before you use Tyto Online next time you use it, or in the new year.  If you use Chromebooks, this will be similar to when you originally downloaded the game. If you are

October 18th Update

Based on some initial feedback from educators, we decided to put out a mid-semester update that mainly focuses on some usability improvements and bug fixes.  We will be going live the evening of Friday, October 18th with this update. Our goal is to do few updates as we don’t want to interrupt the flow of

Fall 2019 Update

In one week, we’ll be launching our massive Fall 2019 update — then schools can start downloading/deploying to devices and getting ready for using it this school year!  We wanted to give a preview of what’s coming, so educators can start their planning! Weather & Climate Module Four New Storylines We have completely redesigned our

Beta 1.1 Update: Usability Improvements with Mechanic Updates

Hello!  It’s been a while since we’ve gone live with an update, since we’ve been holding back for a more regular, larger update cycle to fit with school technology needs better. We’ve also been working on some work with grants that is not ready to go live yet, like a brand new MASSIVE Sandbox, so

Our Largest Update Yet: School 1.0 Beta

We’ve been working on a huge number of changes over the last months, getting ready for the 2018-2019 School Year, with the launch we’ve dubbed “School 1.0. Beta”  We are excited today to announce this new launch, and it comes with a lot of new features. First, after many requests, we are now available on Chromebooks! We

Alpha 42: Spring is now in Espeth!

Hello, everyone! Today, for Alpha 42’s update: We went back to our non-winter Student District as Spring is now here in Espeth! When you’re first introduced to the H.E.L.O., Dr. Sandrine now tells you about the Weekly Challenges available on the table next to her. In the H.E.L.O., you can now use your Research Points

Alpha 41: New Character Customization Options

Our Art Team has been working hard on getting some new character customization options going, especially more faces so more of our players can make their characters look a lot more like them! New Character Customization You can now have a customizable face option for your character!  There are 11 faces to choose from: 10

Alpha 40: Winter Wonderland + Drakon Pedigree

It’s that time of year again! Espeth is busting out holiday lights, holographic snowflakes, and bottom-heavy humanoids with twigs for arms! Enjoy the Student District’s annual Winter Wonderland update! “Hey, these are the same decorations as last year!” – a disgruntled Tytonian. Not so! Try sliding on the ice at the Academy and across from

Alpha 39: Reach Level 10 Heredity, and Sandbox Updates!

We’ve been hard at work finishing up our Heredity quests, so you can now reach Level 10 in Heredity!  We do have a couple more quests we’re going to go back and roll out for earlier levels, supplementary information about probability for example, but this now enables maximum level of Heredity!  Woo!  We love milestones