Alpha 16: Progression + Usability

For Alpha 16, we paused on new feature development for a bit to go back through our gameplay and fix up areas to make progression more clear, and fix usability issues. YouTube videos of people playing the game were actually extremely helpful for this! If you have a favorite YouTuber who plays our game or

Alpha 15: Harbor & Main Apartments

We’re on track for our Monday morning patches now, and quite excited. We also have a new system where we are rotating between Feature or Content patches. Last week was a Feature update as we added Scavengers, Data Tool, and more to the H.E.L.O. This week is a Content update, which is largely around some

Alpha 14: H.E.L.O. Scavengers, Data Tool, and more!

Hello, all! We’re switching patch day to Monday, although this first one is a bit late during our transition patch day here! And now, for Alpha 14! H.E.L.O. System Improvements Scavengers are now added to the H.E.L.O. 20% of all Meat Points generated (i.e. animals being eaten) in each zone during a week gets added

Alpha 13: H.E.L.O. Phase 2

Hello, Tyto Online community. We have a pretty massive update this week, which is adding most consumers to the H.E.L.O.! Please note that this is an alpha release of the consumers in H.E.L.O., so the front-facing animal animations and artificial intelligence are not implemented fully yet… they basically just walk around randomly right now. A

Alpha 12: Biodex

Alpha 12 spilled over into Thursday, but is now live! The Biodex The Biodex is an encyclopedia of information which players populate by using their abilities on species! You need to Register the animal species you’ve unlocked in the Research Tree there before you’re able to place them into your H.E.L.O. Please note that animal

Alpha 11: H.E.L.O. Phase 1

Today is a big, big update, which is why it’s going out so late! We’ve been doing last-minute bug fixing all day to make sure it’s ready to go out to you all — and now it’s time! The Holographic Environmental Life Observatory (H.E.L.O.) H.E.L.O. Phase 1 is now in! This means that we’ve added

Alpha 10: Pre-Update to HELO Phase 1 on Friday!

Our main part of Alpha 10 this week is adding plants for HELO, the create your own ecosystem. We need a couple more days to finish that up though, since there are a lot of related systems: skill tree unlocking, a lot of UI for going into your domes, placing plants, etc. Expect Alpha 10.1

Alpha 9: Abilities Outside of Quests!

Hello, all! This week, for Alpha 9, we have the pre-cursor to many of our upcoming updates, which is being able to use your abilities outside of quests. Right now, this will allow you to see information about the animals in the game world, such as observing a species in order to learn about its

Alpha 8: Camera Mechanic as Quest!

Hello there! We’re caught back up with our appropriate Wednesday releases, and have a lot of very aggressive development goals over the next few weeks. We also updated our Development Thread with what these goals are, so you can read and leave us feedback on what we have in our development pipeline! Read here. Gameplay

Alpha 7: New Ability and Content!

This week we have a new ability for you all: a camera ability! For now, it takes pictures in first person mode, but in the following weeks we’re intergrating it as a quest mechanic, so stay tuned! Also, we’re springing back to tropical snowless Espeth. This means we’ve changed the Student District level back to