Tyto Online is LIVE!!

Hello, everyone! We just hit the button and Tyto Online early access is now LIVE! [FIXED/UPDATED] We do have a few things we’re working on improving and will have a new build up in a couple hours, but couldn’t quite make it in before the available launch window. 🙂 Known Issues that Should be Fixed

Gamification vs. Game-Based Learning

With the growth in popularity of video games among K-12 students over the last few years, many teachers have worked to incorporate gaming into their classroom. By adding something fun and relatable to the learning process, students can become more engaged and retain more knowledge. However, there has been some confusion, with people often mixing

Tyto Ecology: 1 Week Stats Update!

It’s been one week since we launched Tyto Ecology, and we’ve been excitedly watching our analytics and asking questions of users whenever we get a chance.  Today we wanted to share an infographic on our ecosystem’s 1 week stats! We were happy to see our players put down a lot of decomposers, and 7.5x as

Why Games Matter

One Saturday, a couple months ago, some team members at our game studio began chatting and sharing childhood stories about how much video games have impacted our lives. One employee shared how he bonded with his mother over playing World of Warcraft. Another learned confidence and persistence after realizing, through games, that anything can be accomplished