Alpha 10: Pre-Update to HELO Phase 1 on Friday!

Our main part of Alpha 10 this week is adding plants for HELO, the create your own ecosystem. We need a couple more days to finish that up though, since there are a lot of related systems: skill tree unlocking, a lot of UI for going into your domes, placing plants, etc. Expect Alpha 10.1

Alpha 9: Abilities Outside of Quests!

Hello, all! This week, for Alpha 9, we have the pre-cursor to many of our upcoming updates, which is being able to use your abilities outside of quests. Right now, this will allow you to see information about the animals in the game world, such as observing a species in order to learn about its

Alpha 8: Camera Mechanic as Quest!

Hello there! We’re caught back up with our appropriate Wednesday releases, and have a lot of very aggressive development goals over the next few weeks. We also updated our Development Thread with what these goals are, so you can read and leave us feedback on what we have in our development pipeline! Read here. Gameplay

Alpha 7: New Ability and Content!

This week we have a new ability for you all: a camera ability! For now, it takes pictures in first person mode, but in the following weeks we’re intergrating it as a quest mechanic, so stay tuned! Also, we’re springing back to tropical snowless Espeth. This means we’ve changed the Student District level back to

Alpha 6: Content and Tweaks!

Hello, all! We’re a couple days late this week as we did an Unreal Engine update and were introduced to some new bugs we had to overcome or work around. One of these workarounds means that Temporal AA is temporarily removed, but should be back in next week. Otherwise, this week is mainly about some

Alpha 5: Alaskan Tundra Biodome Update

Today is a big one, and we had a few things to fix up, so it’s one day late. Oops! For Alpha 5, we’re launching the Alaskan tundra biodome! The Alaskan tundra is a harsh landscape with short summers and long, freezing winters. Most plants grow very low to the ground to withstand high winds,

Alpha 4: Winter Update!

The Winter Update is here! Enjoy a limited-time-only winter wonderland in the Student District. Don’t worry, one of the quests has you figure out how in the world there’s a winter wonderland in the middle of the Espethian rainforest. Winter Updates for a Limited Time Only! Only available until January 10th (removed in Jan. 11th

Alpha 3: Pets

Today’s Alpha 3 patch is out! The main feature added today is PETS! It’s a simple system for now, but you can gain pets that are placed onto their own tab on your Character screen where you can summon and dismiss them. They’ll follow you around in the game. We’ve started a discussion post on

Alpha 2: First Patch!

Last week, we accomplished our first milestone: release Tyto Online! And now, we’re hitting our second milestone: first Patch Day! Below are the patch notes. In general, we’re going to try to reserve Wednesday mornings for most patches. There may still be some minor fixes between Wednesdays for any emergency issues, but otherwise you should

Tyto Online is LIVE!!

Hello, everyone! We just hit the button and Tyto Online early access is now LIVE! [FIXED/UPDATED] We do have a few things we’re working on improving and will have a new build up in a couple hours, but couldn’t quite make it in before the available launch window. 🙂 Known Issues that Should be Fixed