Creating the World of Tyto Online

For an educational game, the lore behind Tyto Online has a surprising amount of realism and complexity. The earth becomes uninhabitable, refugees have to experience an entirely new place, living with people who have never set foot on Earth. And because the game centers on scientific exploration and discovery, there’s a sense of necessity and conservation

Alpha 26: More Heredity Quests and Voice Acting!

Hello, Tyto students! This week’s update brings another heredity quest for you to dive into, as well as some improvements to an existing quest and voice acting for various ecology quests. Looking to get started with the new quest? Take a look below for everything you’ll need to know:   Geppetto Genetics Espethian Lawrence in

Alpha 25: First Heredity Quests!

Hello, Tyto students! Today’s the big day: we’re happy to unveil the first quests of our brand-new heredity module in this week’s patch! If you’re aching to get started right away, here’s what you need to know:   Panganog Paternity Vendor Sasha in the Student District has a Panganog friend named Dashwood. To her surprise,

Alpha 24: Idle Animations, VO updates, and Heredity Quest Framework!

Hello, Tyto students! This week’s patch brings a variety of subtle (but important!) improvements as we inch ever-so closer towards the launch of the Heredity Module. The first heredity quests will be available next Monday — less than a week away! New Player Character Idle Animations First, we’ve added some new idle animations for your

Introducing Our Next Module: Heredity!

We’re really excited to announce the new module we’re adding to Tyto Online — Heredity! This is the next big step in our ambition to incorporate many different subjects in Tyto Online. So what will players be able to do in this new module? One of the things we’re adding is a new story element:

Alpha 23: Argument Builder Redesign + H.E.L.O. Challenge Rewards

Hello, Tyto students! You’re about to see why we skipped last week’s patch… today’s is huge! Updated Argument Builder The last couple weeks, we’ve been hard at work on a complete overhaul of the argument builder. Here’s how it looked before, and what it looks like now: Before:   After:   With this new design, our

Alpha 22: H.E.L.O. Updates

Hello, everyone! We’ve spent our last sprint polishing the H.E.L.O. to give players a better experience. Here are some of the updates we’ve made: Ecosystem Updates: The “Add Life” HUD now displays the number of animals that are placed with a territory. Tooltip has been added to explain the “Eats Tough” icon on the Research