Pressing Flowers

Flower pressing is a very old activity practiced by countless artists, scientists, and plant enthusiasts over the centuries. When properly cared for, a pressed flower can last for a very long time–some museums have pressed flower specimens that are centuries old! Plant specimens are everywhere! Flower pressing works just as well (or better!) with leaves

International Scavenger Hunt

Traveling is off the table for most of us right now, unfortunately. For anyone suffering from cabin fever, this is an activity for you! All you need is Google! Your goal is to go sight-seeing all around the world. This activity takes advantage of Google’s Street View feature, available for many parts of the world.

Make Your Own Biodex

Activity Directions Biodex Field Researcher In Tyto Online, students always have access to a biodex, which can give them all sorts of information on the various plants and animals that live in Espeth’s biodomes. In this activity, you’ll be observing your environment, using your research skills, and creating your very own with information on the

Punnett Plushies

In this activity, you’ll take on the role of geneticist, using Punnett squares to determine inheritance patterns for your toys! Note: It’s a great idea to do this activity after you’ve completed the ‘Feeding the Population’ storyline in Tyto Online. If you haven’t completed this storyline or you’d like a refresher course on dominance, recessiveness,

Creative Cladograms

In this activity, you’ll be using your powers of observation and classification to create your own cladograms! What is a cladogram? A cladogram is a type of diagram that is used to show common ancestry among a group of organisms. A cladogram is similar to a family tree because it shows generational relationships. Most family

Alpha 35: Environmental Impacts on Phenotypes

Hello, fellow Tyto students! This week’s update is around Environmental Impacts on phenotypes. This means it brings you the ability to feed your Drakons if you’ve leveled up enough to unlock that, tweaks and fixes to the Drakonarium, more tutorials for our newly-onboarded students, and, best of all — more questing goodness! New Quests! Note:

Alpha 34: Heredity Quests and Drakons of Many Colors

Hello there, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings even more quests to the Heredity Module, as well as the ability for your drakons to breed into a variety of different colors and hues! Read on for more info… CONTENT UPDATES New Quests! Note: In order to accept these quests, you’ll need to have reached level 5

Alpha 33: More Heredity Quests and Drakonarium Updates!

Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings more questing goodness to the Heredity module and a few new additions to the Drakonarium. CONTENT UPDATES New Quests! Similar Snakes During the most recent biodome survey, Supervisor Farah has found that the population of Rattlesnakes has been rapidly decreasing! Uh oh. Concerned, she asks you to help

Alpha 32: New Quests and DRAKONS!

  Hello, Tyto Students! We’re ultra excited for this week’s patch because it’s the debut of Drakons, the sandbox portion of the Heredity Module! What does this entail, you might ask? Well, read on… THE DRAKONARIUM AWAITS! The Drakons need help! After living on the terraformed moon Halcyon, an unexpected disease left many Drakons sterile

Alpha 31: Heredity Module Updates

Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings even more content to the ever-expanding heredity module! NEW QUESTS Heredity Quiz Espethian Rowan wants to test your knowledge on common words found in heredity, and has henceforth prepared a pop-quiz for you! Think you’ve got a handle on their definitions? Seek Rowan out, and accept her challenge!