Hello there! We’re caught back up with our appropriate Wednesday releases, and have a lot of very aggressive development goals over the next few weeks. We also updated our Development Thread with what these goals are, so you can read and leave us feedback on what we have in our development pipeline! Read here.

Gameplay & Content

  • The camera ability can now be used for quests!
  • Added in two new quests that use this mechanic: Animals with Shells (Hakeem in Espeth Park) and Pouncer in the Dark (Cherie in the Rainforest Biodome).


Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Pets in the Pet Tab no longer show their 2d textures. They have their own portraits now!
  • You can now click through your character to interact with NPCs or other objects (rather than your character blocking the click if its head or body was in front of the NPC).
  • The quest tracker now correctly displays abilities/items that need to be used for certain tasks.
  • Each zone now has its own minimap zoom settings saved.
  • During argument building, evidences can now be dragged out of the arguments.
  • Having your mouse over your pet no longer displays the interaction icon.
  • Server announcements now show up in a different color to distinguish between player chat text.

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