Hello, all! We’re a couple days late this week as we did an Unreal Engine update and were introduced to some new bugs we had to overcome or work around. One of these workarounds means that Temporal AA is temporarily removed, but should be back in next week.

Otherwise, this week is mainly about some content and tweaks. We’ve been working on some larger updates for the following weeks, and will soon jump over to update the expected live release schedule based on the work we’ve been doing over the last few weeks. We have to get far enough to be able to estimate when a new feature will actually be ready, first. 🙂

Content Updates

  • One new quest in the Himalayan biodome. Flow of Matter: Himalayas
  • Geppetto Jam now has voice acting completed.
  • Pollinate and Prosper now has all working voice acting.
  • Level Map was changed in the Student District to make Geppetto Jam easier to complete.
  • Fixed an issue where a rock and a block of snow we’re preventing one of the evidence actors from being accessible during the Pollinate & Prosper quest.


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Going to the Student District no longer spawns you above the Transit Center.
  • Observation ability cooldown is reduced to 1 second from 5.
  • Resetting quests no longer resets the Welcome Citizen quest progress.
  • Quest Accept and Complete Screens now have hover overs for quest items.
  • We’ve increased the length of a day in Ovo.
  • The cursor no longer becomes an interactable icon when hovering over characters during quest dialogue.


Also remember that you only have LESS THAN ONE WEEK for the Winter Updates before they’re coming down. If you haven’t gotten your Snow Buddy or done the winter quests, you’ll want to do that soon!

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