Today is a big one, and we had a few things to fix up, so it’s one day late. Oops!

For Alpha 5, we’re launching the Alaskan tundra biodome! The Alaskan tundra is a harsh landscape with short summers and long, freezing winters. Most plants grow very low to the ground to withstand high winds, and many animals have white coats to blend in with snow during the wintertime. Despite its unforgiving climate, the tundra is still home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Tundra Biodome

This is a brand new biodome available from the Transit Center, with a new biodome supervisor, and a set of quests added!

  • Tundra Biodome Food Web
  • Tundra Biodome Food Web 2
  • Gathering Jewelsa
  • The Flow of Matter


  • Interacting with NPCs with right click now selects them as the target.
  • Fixed a bug where zones disappear when traveling between zones and logging out.

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