Hello, everyone!

Today, for Alpha 42’s update:

  • We went back to our non-winter Student District as Spring is now here in Espeth!

  • When you’re first introduced to the H.E.L.O., Dr. Sandrine now tells you about the Weekly Challenges available on the table next to her.
  • In the H.E.L.O., you can now use your Research Points to purchase an Impact Point refill to move along faster in ecosystem building!

  • ‘Seedling Swap’ and ‘Amarantha and the Seedlings’ now have markers to help find the plants you’re looking for!
  • When you mouse over an Egg in the Pedigree of the Drakonarium, it now says “Waiting to Hatch” instead of being blank.

  • Improved the appearance of the drakon mating cinematic.
  • The drakon mating cinematic and HUDs now work appropriately with asexual reproduction.

In case you missed it,Β the eggs are now colored to represent the color of the drakon inside.Β  In the above screenshot, the player used asexual reproduction, which basically makes a clone of the current drakon, which is why the two eggs are colored exactly the same as the drakon above them!

In the below example, two drakons reproduced sexually, resulting in a variety of baby types, and a variety of egg colorings:

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