It’s that time of year again! Espeth is busting out holiday lights, holographic snowflakes, and bottom-heavy humanoids with twigs for arms! Enjoy the Student District’s annual Winter Wonderland update!

  • “Hey, these are the same decorations as last year!” – a disgruntled Tytonian. Not so! Try sliding on the ice at the Academy and across from the apartments. That’s new! (“Awesome!” – formerly disgruntled Tytonian.)
  • Construction Vendor Roberta in the Commons will now sell Snowbuddy decorations in addition to her usual fare.
  • Come to think of it…how is a winter wonderland even possible in Espeth? Tyto Student Chen is on the case!
  • LNR is getting into the holiday spirit, too. Help her deliver presents to Espethians, an integral part of her favorite holiday, Non-Reciprocal Item Transferral Day!


Drakon Pedigree Tracking

You can now track your drakons’ ancestry with the new Pedigree tab. Open it up to see drakons’ immediate relatives (parents, siblings, grandparents, and children.)  You can find this on the drakon’s profile.  If you switch profiles, the Pedigree will stay unless you click the Pedigree button again to refresh it.  In this way, you can look at all the relatives of a drakon and more easily compare across drakons to better understand the results of your breeding.


Other Drakonarium Updates

  • When drakons breed, there is now a cinematic of their courtship dance.
  • We also have a new nest that’s much more comfortable for the eggs!
  • The eggs in the Egg Inventory are now correctly colored to reflect what they’ll look like in the incubator (and give some insight into the color the drakon may be).


Teacher Tool Addition: Assigning Sandboxes

Teachers can now assign a Sandbox to their students in order to get them right into it without requisites. Students normally need to be Level 3 in each Module to access the Sandbox, but this tool will now assign it to them so they get the opening quest and access even before that point. We want to make sure everything is flexible for however teachers want to use the game in their classrooms!


Bug Fixes

  • Monthly Income in the HELO now correctly accumulates over time for each week you were gone.
  • Updated some UI icons (Punnet Square, Probability, Parent DNA).
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes HELO Weekly Challenges would show up twice in the quest log.
  • Fixed a bug where tapirs were not clickable in the HELO.
  • Changed the name of our “loot box” to “reward box” in a definite attempt to avoid anyone thinking you pay for ours (we have no micro-transactions).
  • Animals in your HELO may now die of old age. This helps with apex predators especially.


An important note!  If you did not see it last time, I wanted to make sure people see — we added an option to the game launcher for “Simpler Graphics Option (for slower machines).  This essentially switches to Mobile-type graphics options and lowers the visuals of the game a bit, but will increase performance.  If you have a low frame-rate or lag in your game, give this a try next time you play!  Find it on the top bar, under “Launch Options.”