The Winter Update is here! Enjoy a limited-time-only winter wonderland in the Student District. Don’t worry, one of the quests has you figure out how in the world there’s a winter wonderland in the middle of the Espethian rainforest.

Winter Updates for a Limited Time Only!

Only available until January 10th (removed in Jan. 11th update).

  • Winter-ified the Student District for the Winter Holidays with Snowbuddies, strings of lights, and clumps of snow! These decorations will be available until January 10th.
  • You can now make your own Snowbuddy in your room! Find the Snowbuddy vendor to start with a “Snowone” base then buy accessories. You’ll have to use the room decoration system to carefully place them in your desired Snowbuddy. This will only be available for purchase until January 10th this year.
  • New Quests in Student District: “Non-Reciprocal Item Transferal Day” and “Snow Day.”

Example of a custom Snowbuddy you can make in your room! Get a Snowone base then add eyes, mouth, arms, whatever you want!

Additional Customization

  • Added a platform system for your room! You can now buy stairs, platforms, and posts in various styles to add lofts and other creative layouts to your apartment.
  • Added more clothing and paint options with the vendors.

Launcher Revamp

  • Redesigned user experience for the launcher.
  • The Launcher now has links to Support, Account, Bug Report, and the Community Hub and Refer-a-Friend program available for easy access.
  • Adjusted launcher scaling so that the “Play” button won’t be pushed off the screen in smaller resolutions.


Other Updates

  • Added a progress bar to the quest tracker for visualization on quest progress.
  • Pressing tweak on existing furniture objects no longer resets the object’s position or rotation.
  • Added an unstuck button to the Options Menu to make this easier to find; you may also still type /unstuck.
  • Added a support link to the Options Menu to make that easier to find.
  • Furniture items now stack in your house inventory rather than taking separate item slots.
  • Added a 1 second cooldown as a default for items that can be used.
  • Added a flashlight feature for some additional sight in the night. Press F to toggle it off and on.
  • Selected Targets will deselect if far away.

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