We’re doing the first touches to help teachers begin to use Tyto Online in their classrooms!

We actually snuck this update out over the weekend, because we have our first beta testing teacher starting with the product in their classroom today.

First, we did some user facing things that will impact everything to simplify some of the unlocking and progression.  We spent some time discussing ways to make this simpler for schools, but still a great progression for those playing at home.

Re-Working H.E.L.O. Animal Unlocks

The largest change was re-working how you unlock animals for the H.E.L.O., the create-your-own ecosystem Ecology Sandbox.  Previously, you needed to unlock it in the Research Tree, then research it.  Once you did all the research, you could use it in the H.E.L.O.  We already had concerns this process was a bit too lengthy, and in classrooms it definitely is.  So now, here’s how it works:

  • We removed the Research Tree altogether.  In order to unlock the species, you can now grab them straight from the Biodex and “Buy” the unlock with your RP (Research Points) right there.  This way you’re not bouncing between the Biodex and a Research Tree.
  • When you “Buy” a species to unlock it with your RP, you can immediately use it in your H.E.L.O. without needing to do the research.

  • If you want to access all the information in the Biodex to learn more and perform better in the H.E.L.O., you’ll still need to go back into the biodomes to research the animals.


The rest of the changes:

  • All levels now are 1000 XP (Experience Points) to level up, rather than requiring more for each level.  In many games, levels become exponential, but that really wasn’t necessary for us and ended up with inflated XP for quests at the end.  By putting all levels at 1000 XP, we can now better reflect the difficulty of a quest with the XP, rather than giving higher level quests more XP even if they were not actually harder.  This may change your level… for most people that have played a lot, you may discover you’ve gained a level… or a few.  😉
  • When you level up in Heredity, you’ll now get extra Heredity RP (Research Points) like you do with Ecology.  This will help you with RP to spend in the Drakonarium.
  • Some non-Ecology quests were showing up as Ecology because we didn’t have a way to give them no module, but we’ve fixed that so some of the fun, story-building side quests are now no longer granting Ecology XP when they should not.
  • More tutorials have been added. We’re continuing to do this, with the goal of a tutorial the first time you do any new type of quest mechanic, regardless of the order you complete quests in.


School Support:

This update also includes some hidden work that we’ve done to set the groundwork for our teacher tools.  Teachers will be able to assign quests, track student progress, and easily manage classes.  This is in closed use with limited people right now and will be fully announced and released soon.  Email lindsey@immersedgames.com if you’re an educator interested in testing these early tools!

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