Today we’re launching four more quests that, when completed, will allow you to reach through Level 9 of Heredity!  We’re so close to getting everything in that we’ve planned for this Module, which is exciting!  Level 9 in your Drakonarium will also unlock some new pattern mutations like albinism and more to discover!  After reaching Level 9, be sure to check the Lookbook to see if there are any new genes there that you can breed into your drakons.

Hip-Hop Hare-edity: It’s a great day in the Great Plains biodome! A new brood of jackrabbit kits has been born, but Supervisor Tai has noticed something odd about one of the babies. Help them figure out what may have caused this anomaly.

A Different Direction: Calypso in the Student District has been monitoring the district’s resident Ridley turtles for some time now, and their babies have just hatched! Help Calypso discover the reason behind the unusual color of one of the babies.


The Y Factor: Amalia has been creating karyotypes of some of the other Espethians in town, but she’s noticed something very odd about Jian and Mr. Columbus! Travel to the Student District marketplace and help Amalia with her project.

The Deer Mouse Mystery: Sadly, some of the mice in the Great Plains biodome have been exhibiting signs of sickness. Could it be genetic? Supervisor Tai needs to get to the bottom of this, and they need your help!

Additional Notes: ‘Pouncer in the Dark,’ which can be picked up in the Amazon biodome from Cherie, was formerly an Ecology quest. We have changed it so that it now grants Heredity module credit instead.

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