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We haven’t been as frequent with patches lately as we’ve been working on teacher tools (to be released soon), and we released our dinosaur expansion pack for Tyto Ecology.  This, and MUCH MORE, will make its way into Tyto Online with our next Module.  We’ll announce that soon.  🙂  #teaser

So that said, today we’re releasing three more quests that will allow you to level your character up through Level 8 in Heredity.  This will also unlock the next tier for your drakons in the Drakonarium, which is patterns.  The drakon pattern genes work with incomplete dominance, meaning you can get a lot of awesome blending results with heterozygous genetics.  Definitely have fun experimenting with that!

After this, we only have two more levels worth of quests for Heredity, around 10 more quests to add!  And that will unlock the rest of your drakon breeding features.  We’ll also be adding in a pedigree system to better track the genetic lines of your creatures, and that will wrap up the Heredity Module!

So for today’s patch, here are the three quests we’ve added:

DNA Detective.

Pre-requisite: Heredity Level 7

Head over to Ariel at the Bell Jar Cafe in the Student District for this mystery.  Someone has been stealing lunches, and a chogwig has been accused.  Collect evidence and determine who the culprit is!

The Right Vein

Pre-requisite: Heredity Level 7

Nurse Practitioner Marysol in the Student District is in her first quest-giving role!  She needs some help identifying people with a particular blood type to ask to be donors, as they are in need.  Learn about blood types and predicting what types kids will have based on their parents.

Dead Hare Hopping.

Pre-requisite: Heredity Level 7

A generation of jackrabbits in an area of the Mojave biodome all became sick and died rather suddenly! Farah, the Biodome Supervisor in the Mojave, needs to know what’s happening quickly so that the species doesn’t get wiped out.


We’ve also updated the on-boarding room where you get defrosted from cryosleep to be much more pretty and consistent with the rest of our art.

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