Hello, fellow Tyto students! This week’s update is around Environmental Impacts on phenotypes. This means it brings you the ability to feed your Drakons if you’ve leveled up enough to unlock that, tweaks and fixes to the Drakonarium, more tutorials for our newly-onboarded students, and, best of all — more questing goodness!

New Quests!

Note: To accept any of these quests, you’ll need to have achieved Heredity level 6!


Unfair Polar Bears

There seem to be reports of a rather bulky-looking polar bear roaming the biodome. What could be causing this bear to be so much tubbier than its fellow polar bear peers? Talk to Supervisor Antton, and he’ll point you in the right direction to this possibly troubled little polar bear.


Bunglesome Bunny Biology

Tyto Student Chen needs someone to help him with his genetics research! He’s on the brink of a world-shattering discovery…or so he claims. He’s in desperate need of data that will back up his claims. The subject of his research: the Himalayan rabbit. Why himalayan rabbits in particular? Well, it seems these little bunnies have the peculiar ability to bear multiple fur patterns. Chen thinks he might know how and why, but he’s going to need a fellow peer to lend him a hand. Think you can do it?



Drakonarium Updates!

One new addition we’ve added to the Drakonarium this update is the ability to feed treats to your cute Drakon family! These treats can have all sorts of cool effects on drakons, such as tweaking their colors, so stop by and feel free to experiment!



  • A Profanity filter has been applied to naming Drakons. Now, if you try to name your drakon a naughty name, you’ll be given a much cuter suggestion.
  • Upon confirming your Drakon’s Name, players will no longer see a generic drakon picture; the window will show a 3D model of their newly hatched drakon.
  • The RP costs in the Look Book will now turn red if the player does not have enough RP to purchase a drakon for use.
  • Fixed bug in which the mouseover for Drakons bred with a Look Book drakon would not show their parents from the Look Book
  • Players can now use the transit center inside the Academy to access different areas. It will be to the far right of Dr. Reneau and Tetsu.
  • Look Book drakons no longer have maturity timers.
  • Fixed a bug where the “level up!” animation was playing on nearby, unrelated player characters if the player had levelled up.
  • If a Drakon’s profile pane is open and they are sent to Halycon, it will now automatically be closed.
  • All Drakon menus will now close if the player decides to talk to Yoshi in the Drakonarium.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from using items during the bed tutorial.
  • Drakon trait icons will now change color if they are selected or moused over.
  • The drakon eggs in your egg inventory will now occasionally wiggle!

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