Hello there, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings even more quests to the Heredity Module, as well as the ability for your drakons to breed into a variety of different colors and hues! Read on for more info…


New Quests!

Note: In order to accept these quests, you’ll need to have reached level 5 of the heredity module.


A Bolt from the Blue

In his seemingly never-ending quest for a perfect garden, Tyto Student Yosef has, yet again, run into another roadblock. This time, his blue timpita plants are growing far too tall and covering up the rest of his precious flowers. In the past, you used 2×2 Punnett squares to help Yosef, but this time, you’ll be using a 4×4 square! Find him at his usual spot in the Student District and come to the rescue once more.


A Dog By Its Bark

Dog-Walker Claire Madeline is excitedly sending in her application to Tyto Academy soon. As per the requirements, she’s been working on a report, mapping out the genomes for her cute, sweet little dogs.  One problem, however: while she’s worked long and hard on the report for her application, the thought of presenting her report to Tyto scientists fills her with fear. Why don’t you help her out and visit her in Espeth Park? She’d really appreciate the help of a full-fledged Tyto Student.


Feathered Features

Tyto Student Asa is, just like many others, looking to leave her mark on the world. She wants to be unique, stand out from the crowd, and be her own person. Likewise, geppettos come in a variety of shades and hues, each one putting their own spin on the same basic color palette. Unlike you, Asa hasn’t started learning about heredity yet, but wants to know if geppettos of different hues have different genotypes. Talk to her in the Academy and solve the mystery!

 Drakonarium Update!

We’ve also updated the Drakonarium in this patch. Now, when breeding Drakons, you’ll find all sorts of color combinations and patterns on the bodies, wings, and tails of the cute little creatures! There are too many different combinations to count; you can mix one drakon of one color with another to create a mix of the two (incomplete dominance), or maybe even a fusion of the two colors (codominance). Or, maybe you’ll find something completely different? In any case, don’t be afraid to experiment!



  • Fixed issue in “Similar Snakes” where the “Analyze” button in the UI was cut off.
  • The UI for Dr. Yoshi’s Menu and the Look Book inside the Drakonarium have been redesigned to look cleaner and easier on the eyes.


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