Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings more questing goodness to the Heredity module and a few new additions to the Drakonarium.


New Quests!

Similar Snakes

During the most recent biodome survey, Supervisor Farah has found that the population of Rattlesnakes has been rapidly decreasing! Uh oh. Concerned, she asks you to help investigate what exactly is happening to the snake population, so that she can take the right steps to fix this issue.


Note: To start this quest, you’ll need to have completed “Some Peas If You Please” from Espethian Mike Columbus in the Student District.

A Tale of Two Alleles

Supervisor Thales in the Himalayan biodome is looking quite perplexed. Something intriguing has happened to a population of Foxes inside his biodome, he says. Apparently, the litter of kits that have just been born seem to appear differently from the other foxes in the biodome. Head over to the litter and gather some data for Thales.


Note: To start this quest, you’ll need to have completed “Some Peas If You Please” from Espethian Mike Columbus in the Student District.


Timpita Tints

Tyto Student Yosef can’t seem to catch a break, can he? As if the confusion over his pink and yellow timpita plants wasn’t enough, now he has blue and pink plants creating purple seedlings! Exhausted — but not ready to give up — he asks you to return to his garden, and investigate these strange new seedlings.


Note: To start this quest, you’ll need to have finished “Pink on Yellow Can Vex A Fellow” from Yosef.


Drakonarium Updates!

The Look Book

One addition we’ve made to the Drakonarium with today’s update is the introduction of the Look Book. For a fee of Heredity RP (Research Points, earned while questing and leveling up), the Look Book will allow you to sexually reproduce one of your own drakons with any of the drakons in the Look Book. Each drakon in the Look Book has different traits and properties, allowing you to breed drakons completely unlike the ones you may currently have in your Drakonarium.  As you level up, the Look Book will present a greater range of unique genotypes to choose from.

If you can’t find a Drakon whose traits really catch your eye, don’t fret — drakons inside the Look Book will be updated every week. In that regard, however, if you find one that really stands out to you, don’t delay on using a Look Book drakon you really like; it may not be there the next time you log in!


Dr. Tetsu’s Twin Brother

If you completed the quest for Dr. Hiroshi Tetsu, “An Eggcellent Find,” you probably met his twin brother when you first stepped into the Drakonarium! As of this update, Dr. Yoshi Tetsu is now opening up his services for you.

When you right-click on Dr. Yoshi, you have two options: “Send drakons to Halcyon,” or “sell eggs.”

The top option will take Drakons permanently out of your inventory and sent off to Halcyon, Ovo’s moon. You might have spotted it in the night sky in the Student District or Espeth Park! When you send drakons off to Halcyon, you will receive 5 RP for each drakon you send, in return.

The bottom option allows you to sell any unwanted drakon eggs to Dr. Yoshi. They can be sold to him at 5 coins per egg.


  • The Drakonarium now has background music.
  • Drakons in the Drakonarium now make cute noises while fluttering about.
  • The Drakonarium tutorial has been updated to cover how to use the Look Book.
  • The appearance of the drakon egg incubators has been slightly modified to look a bit nicer.
  • Fixed a bug in which interacting with Dr. Reneau when the Drakonarium is locked and the H.E.L.O is unlocked would display the “Need Heredity Level 3” message.
  • Fixed issue in “An Eggcellent Find” where quest tasks would track the wrong Drakon names.
  • Fixed bug in which users could continuously breed drakons on their third clutch, as long as they did not leave the Drakonarium.
  • When drakons have hatched inside the Drakonarium incubator, a hatched egg icon will now display instead of a generic drakon.

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