Hello, Tyto Students! We’re ultra excited for this week’s patch because it’s the debut of Drakons, the sandbox portion of the Heredity Module! What does this entail, you might ask? Well, read on…


The Drakons need help! After living on the terraformed moon Halcyon, an unexpected disease left many Drakons sterile and unable to reproduce. Local Drakon expert, Dr. Hiroshi Tetsu, has been invited to Tyto Academy to share his wealth of knowledge with other Tyto Students, such as yourself! In doing this, the Academy has opened up a “Drakonarium,” where you can incubate Drakon eggs, breed Drakons, and watch the little winged creatures roam free inside the habitat made for them.

It’s up to you to breed Drakons on Ovo and add more diversity into the Drakon population so they can return to Halcyon. The more you level up in the Heredity module, the more variations of Drakons you’ll be able to breed! Everything from colors, head shapes, wing types, tail & horn variations, and a lot more!

To get started, you’ll need to complete the quest, “An Eggcellent Find 1,” — more on how to get that started later — and be at least level 3 in Heredity. After that, just talk to Dr. Tetsu in Tyto Academy (he’s next to Dr. Reneau) to enter the Drakonarium at any time.

Drakon Features Include:

  • Breed Drakons sexually or asexually to produce eggs

  • Hatch eggs in your incubator

  • Manage Drakons from your directory as they fly around your Aviary

More Heredity Quests!

An Eggcellent Find, Parts 1 & 2

Dr. Hiroshi Tetsu pings you on your telecommunicator to ask for your help: he has misplaced a few highly-important objects in the Student District! What could it possibly be? Head to the waterfall in the Student District, and recover what was lost!

Note: You’ll need to complete this quest and it’s follow-up to access the Drakonarium.


Bug Fixes + Tweaks

  • Fixed issue where the Academia Jacket and other over-shirts would clip into the player model
  • Fixed UI bug where the module name would overlap into the EXP circle within the character menu
  • Improvements have been made to the animal AI inside HELO biodomes, specifically accounting for instances where territories are overlapping each other and eating the same food.
  • Questgiver UI icons now bounce in a pleasing way instead of just moving up and down! Awesome, right?! Okay, it’s not that impressive, but we think it looks better.

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