Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings even more content to the ever-expanding heredity module!


Heredity Quiz

Espethian Rowan wants to test your knowledge on common words found in heredity, and has henceforth prepared a pop-quiz for you! Think you’ve got a handle on their definitions? Seek Rowan out, and accept her challenge!

Note: In order to accept this quest, you must have completed “Pink on Yellow Can Vex A Fellow,” from Tyto Student Yosef in the student district first.


Some Peas If You Please

Espethian Mike Columbus is a big admirer of Gregor Mendel — one of the founding fathers of modern genetics — and is recreating one of Mendel’s most famous experiments in Espeth. Think you can repeat history and come to the same conclusions Mendel did? Find Mike at Tyto Commons inside the Student District and let him know you’re interested.

Note: In order to accept this quest, you need to have completed both “Genotypes and Phenotypes” from Tyto Student Omar and “Pink on Yellow Can Vex A Fellow.” Both quests can be found within the Student District.


Multiple Alleles

Supervisor Cherie, now leaving the biodome supervisor life behind in favor of following her dream and becoming a teacher, has cooked up another lesson plan for you. This time, it’s about Multiple Alleles. She needs a bright, young Tyto Student such as yourself to test it out on, so why not lend a hand?

Note: You’ll need to complete “Pink on Yellow Can Vex A Fellow” to accept this quest.


The Spice of Life

After the previous fiasco with Lady Choggerly, Espethian Lawrence is determined to learn from his past mistakes and become an expert on genetics and heredity. He has a few questions about asexual vs. sexual reproduction, but is a little too embarrassed to ask an expert after his previous blunder. Use your big brain and advice from Tyto experts to teach him the difference between the two!

Note: You’ll need to complete “Pink on Yellow Can Vex A Fellow” to accept this quest.




  • EXP rewarded for completing heredity quests has been re-balanced to ensure players will be at level 3 at the end of the current quest chain, and be working towards level 4.
  • The Punnett square puzzle’s star-ratings have been fixed to reduce every 10 seconds (or 1/3 of your current time limit.)
  • Quests with special items, such as the Flittermice Cage in “Pollinate and Prosper” will now be returned to the NPC upon successful completion of the quest.
  • Evidence cards for detective quests have been tweaked to scale better on smaller monitors.
  • Fixed a bug where the Punnett Puzzle would, upon starting, mark incorrect options as correct.
  • The instructions for selling an item to a vendor have been rewritten to be more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug in which players could leave an area with the “Quest Complete” window active and not receive their reward.
  • Players will no longer continue to move forward if they enter a conversation with another character while having auto-run active.
  • /Beckon and /Cheer emotes will now properly display in-game.


  • Download can now be paused and resumed.
  • Download process also improved for more stability.
  • Icon now displayed in the taskbar.
  • Mac can now use copy/paste in the fields.
  • Windows About pop-up actually displays information about the Launcher.
  • An issue where logging out and then logging back in that made the play button launch the game has been fixed.
  • The Launcher now saves window positioning and sizing between sessions.
  • An issue with the clear logs pop-up where the X cancel button was acting as the OK button was resolved.
  • Disk Space check improved and more accurate; Launcher will display a pop-up if there’s not enough space.

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