Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings you even more Heredity module quests to dive into!


First, let’s talk about our new Launcher!  The launcher and patcher are now the same for Windows and Mac.

Improvements you should expect:

  • Patches should be much faster in the future as it will better only download changes and new files.
  • The launcher self-updates so you’ll never need to update it yourself again.
  • For Mac users, your install size should be much smaller.
  • For Windows users, the launcher and patcher are better integrated as one system.
  • Better logging system so you can send us issues if you need some debugging help!
  • Bigger “Play the Game!” button since people sometimes couldn’t see it.  😉
  • The links to support, account, etc. actually open in your browser rather than the launcher.

If you’re a Windows user, it will update to the new version itself.

If you’re a Mac user, you need to download the new launcher manually.  Please go to this link and follow the instructions:




Amarantha and the Seedlings

Rowan, the Pygia tree-whispering Espethian in the Student District, has some big news: Amarantha has just had her newest seedlings start sprouting! Rowan’s thinking about making a Punnett square to see what the seedlings’ leaves will look like when they’re grown, and wants your help. Fire up your trusty DNA extractor and help her unlock the mystery!

Note: In order to accept this quest, you’ll have to have completed “DNA or Nay?” from Supervisor Cherie in the Amazon Biodome.


Seedling Swap

Clovis, the Pygia tree, is the parent of twelve seedlings. Today is their birthday! Espethian Rowan wants to make sure the seedlings can visit the other parent, but she can’t remember who they were. Was it Hyppolite or Leonardo? Use the genetic information of the three Pygia trees and make a Punnett square to figure out who’s the other parent!


Pink on Yellow Can Vex a Fellow

Tyto Student Yosef is not happy. At all. It seems that some of his newest cross-bred timpitas are yellow! He knew that cross-pollinating pink timpitas with his yellow one wouldn’t create pink, thanks to your help, but is still left staring at his flowerbed in disbelief. What could have possibly happened? There must be an answer. With your DNA extractor in hand and heredity knowledge in mind once again, check out Yosef’s flowerbed and ease his stress.


Note: This quest will be available as soon as you have finished “Pink on Yellow from Yosef and Amarantha and the Seedlings” from Rowan.


The quests mentioned above utilize a new quest mechanic currently exclusive to our heredity module: Punnett squares! Named after Geneticist Reginald C. Punnett, who invented the diagram, Punnett Squares are used by biologists every day to determine the probability of an organism’s offspring exhibiting a certain trait or genotype. In these quests, you’ll be learning how to fill out these squares and creating your own to help the citizens of Espeth!



  • Tutorials should now only appear in the appropriate level during the appropriate quest stage, and won’t restart if changing levels.
  • Observation tutorial will no longer ask you to observe objects in a quest if you have already observed all of the objects in that quest.
  • Double clicking the observation button in the hotbar shouldn’t cause buggy behavior where the bubble still shows up even though the bar is gone.
  • Whipper Snippers body styles are now in the same order as the list from the onboarding customization.
  • Vendor interface help text updated to reflect how you actually go about selling items for now.
  • Insect species will now display their latin name and Temporal Range fields in the Biodex when fully researched.
  • Tutorial bubbles with continue buttons now stop bobbing so the button can be clicked easier.
  • The widget for completing quests should scale appropriately if the completed quest has no item rewards.
  • The Image Analysis window involved in detective quests is better structured so scrolling isn’t required to see feedback.
  • Categorization widgets can now expand to fit more than three options.

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