Today’s Alpha 3 patch is out!

The main feature added today is PETS! It’s a simple system for now, but you can gain pets that are placed onto their own tab on your Character screen where you can summon and dismiss them. They’ll follow you around in the game.

We’ve started a discussion post on what your favorite pet features are in various video games. We would love to get ideas from the community on how we can expand this feature in the future!

Also remember, three of the pets available are referral rewards based on our new Refer-a-Friend program announced yesterday. There are also two pets available as rewards in the game now — one from a new quest, and one from an old quest (you can reset your quests now, so everyone can still access it). We’ll be adding more as quest rewards as we continue to build!

Tracking Releases

We have also made a Pinned Discussion Post with the timeline of the upcoming featured updates so you can know what’s coming next Wednesday. Once a patch has been released, we’ll add its notes as a post on it so that we have an easy-to-skim log of what we’ve done and what is coming next.

Head over to see it!


Pets Added

  • You can now have pets that follow you around!
  • Pet Tab is added to the Character UI as a new tab where you can call or dismiss pets.
  • You may name your pet from the Pet Tab as well.

Chat Updates

  • You can type /help in chat to get a list of emotes available.
  • Improved stability of the chat.
  • Chat is now persistent and will not disappear between zones.
  • Chat whispering will now be visible; use /w or /whisper [name] to send a whisper.
  • Use /r to auto-fill the last person you whispered for quick discussion.

Additional Changes

  • We’ve added a friend’s list to help manage your friends and see who is online!
  • Some quests now reset every night (4 am PST) that are intended to be replayed, such as helping LNR pick up trash in the student district. Will be adding more later.
  • Added new clothing, furniture, and wallpaper available at vendors.
  • Added three more quests: Fly Free the Joshua Tree (Mojave), A Favor
  • Returned (Student District), Population Detective (Amazon)
  • Added a throwing animation for the Player Character when you use the Tranquilicer ability.
  • Tranquilicer ability now is broadcast over the network so others can see when you use it.
  • Items now have a brief cooldown when used, which improves usability.


Known Issues

We’re working on fixing them, but here are some known issues we’ve identified in this build that you may want to be aware of:

  • Pet names are not saving when switching pets, loading between zones, etc.
  • When you reset your quests, you won’t be able to re-do the park quests as these had the on-boarding quest as a pre-requisite and there’s no way to re-do that quest.
  • If you click to do another Image Analysis after completing all the ones available (i.e. when the badge says “0”), it may cause a fatal error and crash.