Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s update brings all kinds of new things to check out, including new quests and a Transit Station inside Tyto Academy, where you’ll also now find a certain drakon expert! Keep reading on for more details.


Pink on Yellow

Tyto Student Yosef is outraged! He ordered a new pink timpita flower from Plants-R-We, but received a yellow one instead. Yosef, who wants an all-pink flowerbed, is afraid that the yellow flower will cross-pollinate with his pink ones if he plants it, ruining his dreams of a pink-only flowerbed. But, wait! Perhaps there’s a compromise. Investigate the timpitas and save the yellow flower from being sent back!


Genotypes and Phenotypes

Tyto Student Omar in the Student District has thought of a handy way to remember the difference between phenotypes and genotypes and passes this info onto you. You can then use his trick to categorize a few things as part of an organism’s genotype or phenotype.

Note: In order to accept this quest, you’ll need to have completed “Amarantha and the Seedlings” first.


The center of both H.E.L.O. and non-H.E.L.O. biodomes have gotten a little facelift as a result of our latest update. Take a look at the comparison photo above, and see the differences for yourself.



Tired of hiking to and from the Academy every time you need to visit your H.E.L.O.? Well, those days are about to come to an end. Transit centers are now able to bring you straight inside Tyto Academy in the blink of an eye. Note however, that the “Get me unstuck!” menu button and /unstuck commands will still bring you to the main transit center in the Student District.


Tyto Academy has graciously welcomed Dr. Hiroshi Tetsu to join its staff as the resident Drakon Expert! While his permanent location is still under construction for right now, you’ll find him inside the Academy near Dr. Reneau. Go say hello to him and his pet drakon, Sparkle!

(Quests and Sandbox are coming soon for him!)




  • First time users going through Onboarding will have their graphics settings set to medium automatically, to make the tutorial easier to get through on lower power machines.
  • Flittermice now have NPC Nameplates and roam the student district.



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