Hello, Tyto Students! This week’s patch is all about making the existing Tyto Online experience even better for everyone.



At last, the doors to Tyto Academy have opened and welcome you to explore! This has been in works for awhile, and we’re pleased to finally let you explore the inside of the academy. Likewise, Dr. Reneau has been moved to be inside the academy instead of standing next to Elektra and Helo. Keep that in mind when heading to your H.E.L.O. Biodomes.

She also has a new, special icon above her head — the Ecology Module leaf!  We’ll now be doing this with special NPCs that have more functionality than just quests.



Following the feedback we’ve received from our fellow players, we’ve also tweaked the introductory tutorial with Joel and Liana to be a smoother experience.

  • You can now skip the beginning cut scene, but we definitely recommend you don’t!
  • We made an actual Map instead of it being blank here, not that you need a map for one room.
  • There are now only two platforms to jump on, since many players had issues trying to do the third platform in such a small room.
  • Your abilities will now populate while in the cryochamber room, not just after you leave, so that players can start to review them sooner.
  • As soon as Joel and Liana let you know that you are good to go, you may now exit, or wait to hear what else they have to say.
  • Tyto Official Bert now gives the player their Cryobed during the game’s first quest instead of Vendor Erika, so there is much less running around during the Welcome, Citizen quest.



While watching others play Tyto Online, we noticed that Yosef’s quest, “The Gutted Garden,” was most likely the first quest that players completed involving the argument builder. You may now find some red herrings in the quest when trying to convince Yosef, so that players better understand what pieces of evidence to look for in these quest variants, and what to be wary of.

Also, in “Pollinate & Prosper,” you can now see the flittermice being released! If you still have a flittermouse cage, you can test this out after the fact, too.



The next time you startup Tyto Online, you may notice a little padlock icon next to your hotbar.

This icon will “lock” your hotbar so that you can’t accidentally drag abilities off and potentially remove them from the bar. However, you can “unlock” the hotbar by clicking on the icon, and rearrange your abilities to your heart’s content. The bar will also be automatically unlocked when you open the Skills/Tools menu.



  • The leveling has been rebalanced so that players need to do a couple more quests before reaching Level 3.
  • We moved the Map button down with the minimap and made it so that clicking on the minimap brings up the full map.
  • The pre-requisites for Dr. Sandrine’s HELO quest have been updated; in addition to being Level 3, you also must have done the first biodome food web quest in the Amazon. This is because in order to research animals, you need to have earned the DNA Extractor from that quest.
  • The transit screen now appears upon touching the transit center door.
  • The responsiveness of the interaction icon when mousing over NPCs you can talk with has been improved.
  • The top bar in the HELO has been improved to be smaller and more readable.
  • The quest zone radius on the minimap now changes color when the player enters it.
  • The “Skillbook” menu has been renamed to “Tools,” and it’s icon has been updated.
  • The cooldown timer for “Observe” has been changed to 20 seconds.
  • Apartment paints now will be highlighted when clicking on them, much like furniture.
  • A message will now display if a player attempts to “learn” or use a clothing item they already have.
  • No more than three quests will be tracked on your screen with the Active Quest Tracker, as opposed to the original five. They will, however, remain in your journal. This is due to limited screen real estate!
  • The “CONFIRM/CANCEL” buttons for placing down furniture have been redesigned for greater on-screen visibility.
  • In the argument builder, players are now not presented with a third possible argument format unless one of the answers in the quest would benefit from it.
  • There are now signs placed in some locations in Espeth, such as letting you know where the Apartments room entrance is.
  • Other players no longer display the level up animation when a single player levels up.
  • Fixed a bug where “NEW!” on Weekly Challenge rewards would remain forever.
  • Fixed an issue where it was hard to remove lines on the food webs because it would select a new line.

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