Hello, Tyto students! This week’s update brings another heredity quest for you to dive into, as well as some improvements to an existing quest and voice acting for various ecology quests.

Looking to get started with the new quest? Take a look below for everything you’ll need to know:


Geppetto Genetics

Espethian Lawrence in the Student District seems really excited! It turns out her pet chogwig, Lady Choggerly, just had a baby geppetto!

…Wait a second. Huh? That doesn’t seem right. Despite not making any logical sense, Lawrence is absolutely convinced that Lady Choggerly is really the mother of a geppetto. Put your heredity knowledge to the task and find out what’s really going on here.

Note: In order to accept this quest, you’ll need to have finished “DNA or Nay?” from Cherie in the Amazon Biodome.



  • The quest, “Pollinate and Prosper” by Tyto Researcher Kato in the Student District, has been rewritten and redesigned to be clearer and more enjoyable for new players.
  • Voiceover has been added for the following quests: A Whiskery Mystery, Abiotic and Biotic, Animals with Shells, Dr. Reneau’s Request, and The Proof is in the Poop 2.
  • The map has been updated with more visible icons.

  • We’ve added additional graphics optimizations which should increase performance for users.
  • We’ve added additional graphics options under Options for reducing post processing and effects which also greatly increase performance.


  • Fixed a bug where players could not choose what quest to accept from a quest giver when returning to a biodome from an argument builder quest.
  • Fixed bug in which the module tracker was not in-sync with the currently selected module.

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