Hello, Tyto students! Today’s the big day: we’re happy to unveil the first quests of our brand-new heredity module in this week’s patch! If you’re aching to get started right away, here’s what you need to know:


Panganog Paternity

Vendor Sasha in the Student District has a Panganog friend named Dashwood. To her surprise, she discovered Dashwood — aside from being undeniably adorable — just became a mother! But, she wonders, who is the father? It’s up to you to find out!

Note: In order to accept the first Panganog Paternity quest, you’ll need to have completed the quests, “My Kingdom for a Ponycorn” from Sasha and “Population Survey: Amazon” from Cherie in the Amazon Biodome.


DNA or Nay?

Supervisor Cherie in the Amazon Biodome has been thinking about her future beyond being a biodome supervisor. It seems she needs to ask a favor of you. Won’t you give her a hand?

Note: In order to accept this quest, you’ll need to have completed “Panganog Paternity 2” and “Abiotic and Biotic” in Espeth Park.


Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Weekly rewards no longer display as “new” permanently.
  • The Tranquil-icer has been improved to be snappier.
  • RP and XP rewarded for completing Ecology quests has been re-balanced so that nothing is left locked if every quest has been completed.
  • Animals that have been unlocked in the biodex now emit a golden glow when using the analyze skill so that you can better differentiate between Observable animals and detective quest objects.

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