Hello, Tyto students! This week’s patch brings a variety of subtle (but important!) improvements as we inch ever-so closer towards the launch of the Heredity Module. The first heredity quests will be available next Monday — less than a week away!

New Player Character Idle Animations

First, we’ve added some new idle animations for your character. Now, whenever you’re standing around, they may look around and take in the scenery, check their shoes for any dirt, or even doze off to sleep! Take a look:

Remember, students: eight hours of sleep a day, at least!

New VO

Additionally, Supervisor Farah in the Mojave Biodome now has voice acting. Go and give her a visit!

Module Tracker Added

And finally, we’ve begun to lay the foundation for the upcoming Heredity Module. Using the new Module Tracker, you can now choose to track Ecology or Heredity Leveling on your main player profile, and check your progress with both. To open the Tracker, click the newly added icon for it at the top of your screen, next to the Research Tree.


Other changes we’ve made to enable additional modules:

  • Quest bubbles above quest-givers’ heads will now have an icon that specifies what kind of EXP you’ll earn.
  • When clicking on an NPC who has multiple quests for you to accept, you can now easily identify which module belongs to which quest.
  • Everywhere else where you receive EXP or RP has been updated to specify which Module it is from (like quest acceptance and completion screens).
  • On the player profile on the top left, there is now also a quick option for changing the type of EXP you are tracking. Click the icon in the middle of the circle, and a drop down will show the module options to choose from. It will then immediately switch to showing your progress from that Module.
  • Character Screen has also been updated to reflect multiple Modules of experience and allow switching the tracking priority.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Right clicking NPCs when you have an argument builder and an available quest no longer pushes you into dialogue with the quest rather than giving you an option of which you want to do.
  • Cursor is no longer stuck in “talk to NPC” mode when you are inside of an argument builder.
  • The “NEW” badge on weekly rewards no longer has cut off text.
  • In the “Coneflower Collection” quest, flowers now show up on the mini-map.
  • Window resolution, as well as window mode settings, are now saved between play sessions.
  • Previously missing icons have been added to the remainder of the HELO rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where pollinators would say they needed more than 2 to reproduce during their reproduction week.
  • Chogwig and Capybara pets now have UI icons.
  • Changed HELO challenge, “It’s a Baby __!” so that plants are not referred to as “babies” and not “born” in biodomes. For plants, this weekly challenge is now called, “It’s a __ Sprout!” While the variant for animals will retain the original title.


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