Hello, Tyto students! You’re about to see why we skipped last week’s patch… today’s is huge!

Updated Argument Builder

The last couple weeks, we’ve been hard at work on a complete overhaul of the argument builder. Here’s how it looked before, and what it looks like now:





With this new design, our goal is to make quests like these feel a lot less scripted or work-sheet-like and more like a scholarly debate. Quest-givers will also now give specific feedback on certain answers you submit to them, either in agreement or in skepticism.

Due to this update, every single Detective style quest in the game has been updated!  Some have been reworked significantly, but most have minor improvements and updates alongside this.  Remember, in your Options menu, you can re-set quests if you want to check them out again!


H.E.L.O. Challenge Rewards

We’ve now added a bonus if you receive all three Weekly Challenges in a week for your H.E.L.O.! You’ll now receive loot boxes filled with all kinds of goodies. The interface has been updated to track your progress as you work to earn these.


The rewards you get from the Weekly Challenges belong to various loot sets, all of which are centered around a specific theme.

For example, one set is called “Spots & Stripes,” which features tigers, leopards, jaguars, and other creatures who all have spots and/or stripes! In order to track your progress on the reward sets, use the H.E.L.O. terminal in front of Dr. Reneau in the Student District and click on the “rewards” tab.



H.E.L.O. Updates

  • Updated the bottom bar in the H.E.L.O. to only show the relevant controls, not your full normal ability bar.
  • If you have a large population of animals in your H.E.L.O., the game will now scale down how many are actually visible.  This is for performance reasons.
  • The H.E.L.O. interface now displays the amount of animals that are spawned inside a biodome when expending Impact Points.
  • Fixed a bug where carcasses in the H.E.L.O. did not show a selection highlight.
  • Updated the Leaf count ratings in the H.E.L.O. to be more accurate.
  • Updated the calculations for H.E.L.O. time progressing while away to be based on when you were last in that specific biodome, not online at all.  This should be easier to comprehend how much time is passing in your H.E.L.O. now and not go on for a longer period than you intended.
  • Fixed an issue in your H.E.L.O. where animals placed near walls could spawn on the other side of them.
  • Fixed the process of researching insect and decomposer species to unlock for the H.E.L.O.
  • Made the highlight of the current reproduction stage of a plant in the H.E.L.O. green to be more visible.
  • A mouseover tooltip has been added to the “eats tough” icon, which will appear on certain animals in the research tree and biodex.
  • Decomposers no longer spawn with zero population if the biodome is brand-new and free of detritus.
  • Time now stops in a H.E.L.O. a few weeks after everything dies. You aren’t getting credit for an old biodome if it’s dead!

Art + Content Updates

  • If you miss collecting your Weekly Challenge rewards before the weekly reset, it will now auto-award into your inventory.
  • Certain coats and skirts now display correctly on characters with larger body types.
  • The quest “Here, There, A Polar Bear,” has been renamed to “A Polar Bear Affair.” Also, “Where Polar Bears Roam” has been renamed to “A Polar Bear Affair 2.”
  • Improved lighting in Whipper Snippers.

Tweaks + Bug Fixes

  • You can now view your image analysis items from your Evidence Journal if you want to re-review them when forming arguments.
  • Fixed a bug in which players could enter a conversation with an NPC while in camera mode.
  • Addressed issues with changing screen resolution on Windows PCs.
  • Fixed an issue where Transit UI and Room Entrance UI didn’t close with ESC.
  • Made the on-boarding marker in the harbor during the introduction quest not miss-able.

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