Hello, everyone! We’ve spent our last sprint polishing the H.E.L.O. to give players a better experience. Here are some of the updates we’ve made:

Ecosystem Updates:

    • The “Add Life” HUD now displays the number of animals that are placed with a territory.
    • Tooltip has been added to explain the “Eats Tough” icon on the Research Tree.
    • Hotbar within the HELO has been replaced with the HELO bar + Camera.
    • Players may now see the amount of time that has passed since they exited their biodomes.
    • Players may now preview locked nodes on their Research Trees
    • In extreme cases, biodomes may now scale the amount of animals displayed to ensure extremely populated biodomes are stable on all platforms.
    • A softcap for swarm type territories has been added per zone in each ecosystem.

Other Updates:

    • Usable items now display their cooldowns within the inventory UI
    • Resolutions for screen resolution selection has been reordered to be in size order.
    • Founder’s Wall UI selection has has a distance check added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Carcass highlighting has been fixed.
  • HUD UI’s now close on escape.
  • Animals will no longer spawn inside of locked zones.
  • The previously selected max time away from biodome now displays highlighted on the options UI for player biodomes.
  • Shop UIs no longer open offscreen.
  • Fixed bug where new biodomes do not pass time when “max time away” is set to “none.”
  • Players no longer respawn halfway in the ground of the grassland and desert biodomes when selecting “Get me Unstuck!” from the options menu.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the chair inside Whipper Snippers would not rotate with the character when changing eye/hair color.

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