Last week, we accomplished our first milestone: release Tyto Online! And now, we’re hitting our second milestone: first Patch Day!

Below are the patch notes. In general, we’re going to try to reserve Wednesday mornings for most patches. There may still be some minor fixes between Wednesdays for any emergency issues, but otherwise you should see updates on Wednesday mornings.

We wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to our first week of players. It’s been exciting to watch people quest and learn SCIENCE! It’s also been great getting feedback in the forums and we hope that continues.

All the teams are working very hard to get more content into the game. And since the largest content patch you’ll see is a little ways off, I wanted to give you a heads up now. As many of you know, we previously released a game (that we still support and have DLC coming out for soon) called Tyto Ecology on Steam. Tyto Ecology was originally conceived as a sandbox component for Tyto Online, but due to various circumstances, we pivoted Tyto Ecology to being a standalone, offline product.

Well, it’s time to bring that building experience into Tyto Online. While there isn’t a hard ETA on this yet, we wanted you to know it is coming. In the meantime, you’ll see more quests popping up in the game world through the end of this year, as well as more decorations for your customization dorm room and new outfits for your character!

We’ll be tracking the upcoming content releases in the forums starting tomorrow, so you can look forward to the next week’s content patch.

For now, here are the patch notes for Alpha 2:



  • Added two new quests: ‘Geppetto Jam’ and ‘Population Survey: Himalayas’
  • During ‘Pollinate and Prosper’ one flittermice cage instead of 4 is now given

Resetting Quests

  • Added the ability to restart all quest progress
  • Players will not lose quest reward or items given by quest
  • Go to the options menu (ESC) to find this option
  • Quests that were reset still give rewards when completed again


  • Significantly increased the max range of the Tranquil-icer ability
  • Canceling out of tranquil-icer no longer procs cooldown
  • Particle effect has been fixed on tranquil-icer ability
  • Cursor no longer jumps around when hovering over player
  • Tranquil-icer Decal becomes red for invalid distances
  • Players can now reliably use 1st person mode to freeze targets


Chat Changes

  • Chat is now zone specific.
  • Players can now whisper to other players. /w player message
  • Stability has been improved.
  • Emotes now fire more reliably


Other Updates

  • Made changes to the Mojave and Grassland to prevent animals from getting stuck on surfaces
  • Camera has been fixed when transforming into a bunny
  • Added more animals in the biodomes
  • Players can now use Num-lock to auto run
  • ESC now closes excess windows before opening the option UI
  • Fixed dialogue options on some quests that causes the dialogue to end early.
  • Fixed more missing icons for items
  • UI tweaks to the High-ping text to be less distracting
  • UI tweaks to the player cursor on the map and minimap