Weekly Challenges

We are excited to announce this week that we added a system for Weekly Challenges with the HELO!

Every week, a set three of challenges will be randomly selected for players. Top-level players with everything unlocked will receive the same set of challenges, but it’ll be scaled for species you have or almost have for everyone else. Any of these challenges can be completed in any dome, as long as it has any species you need.

Here are the challenge types:

  • It’s a Baby! — Have a certain baby animal or a plant reproduce in your biodome.
  • Pollination Station — Hit a specified percentage of pollination for all your plants in a biodome.
  • R.I.P. — Have a certain number of a specified animal die in your biodome that week. Hey, that’s life in the ecosystem!
  • Fruit Filler — Have animals eat all the fruit of a specified fruiting plant.
  • Detritus Roller Coaster — Have the detritus level in a zone raise to a specified level, then bring it back down to a lower specified level.
  • Bringing up Baby — Not only have a baby of a specified species, but also raise it to maturity.
  • March of the [Animal] and [Plant] Garden — Place a specified number of a species and maintain them for a number of years.
  • Global Health Challenge — Keep a biodome above a specified overall health percentage.

These challenges refresh every week, so be sure to jump on and check them out. You’ll earn XP and Credits for your efforts!

To get started: head over to Dr. Sandrine (where you enter the HELO) and right click on the computer on the table next to her to open up the Weekly Challenges menu where you can accept them. They’ll then be in your quest log, and you can go turn it back in at the table when complete!

Some other notes about the Weekly Challenges:

  • The Weekly Challenges will show up on the right as the Active Quest tracker only when you’re in the HELO.
  • You can lock a challenge if you do not want it to reset the following week.
  • Please keep in mind that you will not receive a challenge for that slot the next week. We wanted this option though, in case you’re close to finishing a difficult one and would rather get credit for it than get a new challenge.


Other Updates

Art Updates

  • Student District water now has an improved appearance.
  • All NPCs will make eye contact with your character during dialogue sequences, and will look at you if you pass them from nearby.
  • Your character will make eye contact with your conversation partner during dialogue sequences, and will no longer stare interminably into the middle distance. You’ll also intermittently play a random idle animation, which means that you are now able to practice Active Listening!
  • Brand-new background for dialogue sequences has been implemented!
  • Bert’s VO in the quest “Welcome Citizen” has been updated.

HELO Tweaks & Fixes

  • Improved appearance of the HELO main menu.
  • Added a Biodome Information panel.
  • Added a loading screen for the HELO.
  • Fixed some minor visual errors on the HELO territory popups.
  • In the HELO, you should now more often see carnivores eating.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not click on a flowering kapok tree.
  • Fixed the “Role” specified in the HELO for some animals with large feeding preferences.
  • If there is a 0 hp for your biodome, it will now say “No life” on the UI.
  • Empty pie graphs on the Data Tool now show an icon when empty rather than being a solid white pie graph.

Other Tweaks & Fixes

  • We’ve reduced the amount of poop that needs to be collected during Food Web quests. You’re welcome.
  • Map markers were adjusted for clarity. We removed the owl head inside Quest Zone markers as it is confusing people, made the quest objective marker have a white outline for more visibility, and adjusted the color of quest icons to all be green.
  • Added more mushrooms to the biodomes for researching.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no location marker for where to go to find the Peppiest Panganog for that quest.
  • Fixed the notification highlight that lets you know when you have more RP points to spend. Starts at Level 3 and higher.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not use their abilities on ridley turtles out in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where anti aliasing reset whenever someone entered a new map or opened the graphic settings.
  • Telecommunicator appearance improved.

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