This patch is dedicated to Helo, Immersed Games’ Canine Employee of every month for the past 3 years and counting. If you’re visiting Dr. Reneau by the Academy, say hello to Helo while you’re there!

And now, for the Alpha 17 patch notes!

Lore Video Added

We added an introduction cutscene at the start of the game for new players that introduces them to the background lore of the game. When the video ends, the player then opens their eyes in the beginning of the tutorial, waking up from cryosleep.

Preview it here:

Art + Content Updates

  • Panganogs have been re-designed and are now 86% cuter. (We did the math.)
  • Two new quests have been added: ‘Geppetto Jam 2’ and ‘Population Survey: Tundra.’
  • Voice-over for Thales, the Himalayan Biodome Supervisor, has been added.
  • Animations of all HELO and Non-HELO animals were revisited, fixing wonky movement and sliding.
  • LNR’s dialogue scene fixed: she is no longer gigantic.
  • All sounds remixed to be a bit louder.
  • Added Helo the dog near Dr. Reneau by the Academy.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users were not getting credit for DNA sampling the Hyper Panganog in Espeth Park.
  • All swarms now display correct information in the data tool.
  • Fixed a potential crash on entering a new biodome.

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