We’re on track for our Monday morning patches now, and quite excited. We also have a new system where we are rotating between Feature or Content patches. Last week was a Feature update as we added Scavengers, Data Tool, and more to the H.E.L.O. This week is a Content update, which is largely around some big new art pieces we have in the game. Check out and enjoy!

Updated Harbor in Espeth Park

The Harbor in Espeth Park now has a new look! This is the place where characters spawn right after the tutorial and walk across to the mainland and towards the transit center. In the future, we plan on having spaceships land on it that are dropping players off (once we’ve had a chance to build them), so it’s been designed with that in mind!

Here’s the concept art for the new Harbor:

And what it looks like in-game:

Added Main Apartment Leisure & Study Rooms

The Main Apartments have had locked doors since launch, but now we’ve added leisure and study rooms! Enjoy hanging out in some of our great new views.


Art + Content Updates

  • Unique baby models added (Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard).
  • Changed NPC idle emotes in the world, as well as allowed a wider variety of NPCs to emote.
  • Allowed more NPCs to talk in the dialogue scene.
  • Added sunflowers to Great Plains Biodome.
  • Updated Customizable Apartment Room main furniture sets to not have holes if you look at them from behind or underneath so that they have better placement potential.
  • Updated Biodome Supervisor Antton (Tundra) to have a custom look.
  • Shuffled some species around in the biodomes. If the biodex says they can be found in two biodomes, they can now be found in both.


H.E.L.O. Tweaks + Fixes

  • Chance of finding food algorithms have been updated to better account for competition for resources.
  • When you click on swarms (moths, butterflies) it now shows their territory radius.
  • Fixed it so that plants lose their leaves when they die.
  • Fixed an issue where plants were getting negative leaf counts or over 100% health in some conditions.
  • Made it so that animals stop the reproduction counter when the population is only children.
  • Made it so that placed territory information updates immediately on placement.
  • Increased the territory size of most animals.


Other Bug Fixes / Tweaks

  • Fixed NPC Calypso’s hair.
  • Fixed rock texture in Biodomes.
  • Fixed missing icons for items.
  • In the active quest tracker, some text on the left side is should no longer be cut off on some resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect texture is loading during placement and model viewer for any alternative textures.
  • Fixed an issue where while on a Food Web quest DNA segment, as soon as you hit any of your abilities, “No match found.” feedback inappropriately presents itself.


Relevant Known Issues

  • You cannot currently abandon quests; be sure you want to do anything you accept!
  • In the H.E.L.O., plants seem to only be doing one reproduction cycle then stopping.
  • Applying the resolution in graphics settings sometimes does not work.

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