Alpha 12 spilled over into Thursday, but is now live!

The Biodex

The Biodex is an encyclopedia of information which players populate by using their abilities on species! You need to Register the animal species you’ve unlocked in the Research Tree there before you’re able to place them into your H.E.L.O. Please note that animal support in the H.E.L.O. is in our next release, so you won’t be able to place animals until Alpha 13!

  • Players can obtain one of three information Biodex entries by scanning animals and clicking on them.
  • Players can obtain one of three habitat information Biodex entries by taking a picture of the animal and clicking on them.
  • Players can obtain one of two life cycle information Biodex entries by using the DNA extractor on adult animals and clicking on them.
  • Players can obtain one of three social information Biodex entries by using their observation abilities and clicking on them.
  • The only way to get the reproduction entry of the biodex is to use the DNA extractor on a baby animal.

As you use your abilities, information will be unlocked. After you’ve unlocked each piece of information in the Biodex, the species is Registered and ready to be placed in the H.E.L.O.

  • Players can only investigate Biodex entries for animals that have already been unlocked in the Research Tree.
  • Players must fully acquire all Biodex entries for an animal species before they are Registered and are able to place them down in the H.E.L.O.
  • Each species contains different sets of Biodex entries, so you’ll have to use your abilities on different animals of the same species to fully unlock each entry.
  • Players can’t access the animals in the H.E.L.O. until a future release.
  • Plants are automatically populated in the Biodex and can be used in the H.E.L.O immediately after unlocking in the research tree. This may change later.
  • Pollinators and Decomposers will be available in the Biodex for Registering at a future date.
  • The DNA extractor has turned to an ability. Start any of the food web quests and get to the DNA extractor quest task for them and it will be added to your skill book. DNA extractor items don’t work anymore with this change.
  • Added hotkeys for different UI: B for Biodex and R for the Research Tree.
  • The options menu always has priority in terms of showing up above every other UI.


  • Added two new vendors: Carpet Diem and Up the Wall! These two stores share one storefront in the marketplace area of the Student District. Walter will now sell all wallpaper options, and Carpathia sells carpets. (Of course, you can put carpets on your walls and wallpaper on your floor and ceiling if you want!)
  • Added over 20 solid colors of wallpaper/carpets for your room, available from Carpathia!
  • Overhauled the animal placement in all biodomes! Animals are now more evenly spread and are placed in areas that make sense! Reptiles in the desert can be found in secluded, rocky areas; burrowing owls hang out near the saguaros they call home, and babies are never far from their parents.
  • The Espeth Park Map has been changed to make the travel from the tutorial room to the Student District more direct as some new users were getting lost.

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