Our main part of Alpha 10 this week is adding plants for HELO, the create your own ecosystem. We need a couple more days to finish that up though, since there are a lot of related systems: skill tree unlocking, a lot of UI for going into your domes, placing plants, etc. Expect Alpha 10.1 on Friday that will add these, but we still wanted to do an update this morning with the rest of the improvements that are ready!

Bug Fixes/Tweaks

  • Max’s camera chip reward from “Picture Perfect” now gets consumed upon being used.
  • Pets no longer block players from interacting with NPCs when they are dismissed.
  • Players can no longer consume items that they already have in their wardrobe, pet inventory, or paint items.
  • Clicking on a NPC, player, or animal now outlines the target instead of showing a green circle under the target.

Mac Version!

We also have a first version of the game available for Macs, OSX, too! This does have some additional bugs over the Windows version that we are still working on, listed below. We’ll start advertising the Mac version in a week or two once we’ve had more testing and debugging time on it, but wanted to let people start testing it alongside us now, since it is ready for that.

Known Mac issues

  • Once in fullscreen mode, you cannot click on buttons in the game. Please only therefore play Windowed mode until we can fix this.
  • Shift-Tab does not bring up Steam overlay in the game. None of the Steam services (screenshot, FPS, etc.) are working.
  • Correct screen resolutions available aren’t available to choose from when testing on a retina screen Macbook. Not yet sure if it is a Mac or retina issue.
  • There are a variety of art shader issues that need to be improved, such as ceiling lights during the onboarding appear off, or flickers in moving hair styles.

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