Level up your NGSS implementation with game-based learning.

Tyto Online is built for the NGSS, with built-in best practices like students making sense of anchoring phenomena, learning through storylines, and engaging in three-dimensional learning. Students are participating in inquiry and solving authentic problems in every activity.


Our Pedagogy

Students engage with inquiry by starting with scientific phenomena that they need to figure out, or problems they need to solve. For example, in one Storyline they observe ants who have been infected with the cordyceps fungus (the “zombie”-like fungus that has inspired many pop culture stories)!

We’re built for three-dimensional learning. By engaging in our content, students use Science & Engineering Practices (like analyzing data), thinking through the lenses of Crosscutting Concepts (like cause and effect), in order to figure out content areas (like ecosystem change & stability).


Our content is designed as scaffolded Storylines that start with anchoring phenomena and build to understanding. We help your science teachers incorporate the new engineering standards, since many of these Storylines include them, having students make recommendations to solve problems and evaluate competing design solutions.

We're supported by research.

Research is the base of everything we do: from our pedagogical approach to how we iterate on our product’s design.

  • Two pilot studies showed effectiveness
    Including a 12% increase in science and engineering skills during a study for our NSF pilot.
  • Based on Game-Based Learning Research
    We’ve incorporated what works for game-based best practices, like simulations and immersive role-playing.
  • Science Learning Research
    Our pedagogical approach also pulls from science best practices, using phenomena, problem-based learning, and direct engagement in practices.

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Equally engage your underrepresented students

Our approach is based on key research about strategies that sustain the STEM interest of girls and underrepresented minorities.

  • Shows the social impact of STEM careers by solving authentic problems like solving food shortages.
  • Displaces stereotypes by showing the creative & collaborative nature of science careers; and includes diverse characters in those roles.
  • Provides varied ways to represent knowledge instead of all being language-heavy.

Smooth Implementations Ahead!

We've got your back. All the support & materials you need to smoothly implement
Tyto Online in your school and district, and level up your team's NGSS game.

Middle School Content

Right now, we focus on middle school. We cover most of Life Science & some of Earth & Space Science, including climate change.

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Technology Support

We're available for most Chromebooks, Windows, or Mac computers, and do not have high internet bandwidth requirements.

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Assessment Data to Power Personalized Learning

Assessment data is gathered naturally as students play, and is collected to measure performance towards standards. Students who are struggling are highlighted to help teachers personalize instruction.

Teacher Guides & Supplemental Materials

Tyto Online comes with a complete set of Teacher Guides and supplemental activities, like the Summary Table (right) that students use to track their learning.

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Effective Professional Development

We don't believe in "one and done" PD. Your teachers need more support between new games and new standards. So we set up an ongoing online course and community to provide a stellar level of support.

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