National Science Foundation Grant for a Group STEM Challenge

  We have some exciting news today! Immersed Games is being awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation for development of a new innovation to work with Tyto Online. The official title of the grant is, “A Group Video Game Challenge for Integrated Applied Science Learning.” This innovation

Alpha 40: Winter Wonderland + Drakon Pedigree

It’s that time of year again! Espeth is busting out holiday lights, holographic snowflakes, and bottom-heavy humanoids with twigs for arms! Enjoy the Student District’s annual Winter Wonderland update! “Hey, these are the same decorations as last year!” – a disgruntled Tytonian. Not so! Try sliding on the ice at the Academy and across from

Alpha 39: Reach Level 10 Heredity, and Sandbox Updates!

We’ve been hard at work finishing up our Heredity quests, so you can now reach Level 10 in Heredity!  We do have a couple more quests we’re going to go back and roll out for earlier levels, supplementary information about probability for example, but this now enables maximum level of Heredity!  Woo!  We love milestones