Alpha 16: Progression + Usability

For Alpha 16, we paused on new feature development for a bit to go back through our gameplay and fix up areas to make progression more clear, and fix usability issues. YouTube videos of people playing the game were actually extremely helpful for this! If you have a favorite YouTuber who plays our game or

Alpha 15: Harbor & Main Apartments

We’re on track for our Monday morning patches now, and quite excited. We also have a new system where we are rotating between Feature or Content patches. Last week was a Feature update as we added Scavengers, Data Tool, and more to the H.E.L.O. This week is a Content update, which is largely around some

Alpha 14: H.E.L.O. Scavengers, Data Tool, and more!

Hello, all! We’re switching patch day to Monday, although this first one is a bit late during our transition patch day here! And now, for Alpha 14! H.E.L.O. System Improvements Scavengers are now added to the H.E.L.O. 20% of all Meat Points generated (i.e. animals being eaten) in each zone during a week gets added