Alpha 5: Alaskan Tundra Biodome Update

Today is a big one, and we had a few things to fix up, so it’s one day late. Oops! For Alpha 5, we’re launching the Alaskan tundra biodome! The Alaskan tundra is a harsh landscape with short summers and long, freezing winters. Most plants grow very low to the ground to withstand high winds,

Alpha 4: Winter Update!

The Winter Update is here! Enjoy a limited-time-only winter wonderland in the Student District. Don’t worry, one of the quests has you figure out how in the world there’s a winter wonderland in the middle of the Espethian rainforest. Winter Updates for a Limited Time Only! Only available until January 10th (removed in Jan. 11th

Alpha 3: Pets

Today’s Alpha 3 patch is out! The main feature added today is PETS! It’s a simple system for now, but you can gain pets that are placed onto their own tab on your Character screen where you can summon and dismiss them. They’ll follow you around in the game. We’ve started a discussion post on